ATCC Virtual 书店

The ATCC Virtual 书店 provides textbooks for courses offered by ATCC instructors.

Book charging is available for all registered Alexandria Technical and 社区 College students for Fall semester on August 1, Spring semester on December 1, and Summer semester on 4月il 1. All charges are added directly to the student’s account. 学生’s account balance should be reviewed on eServices.

To purchase new and used books or rent books, please visit our External Website: Online 书店.

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Please note: For textbook 租赁, a credit card number is put on file to be used in case of lost or damaged books. Once you have entered a card number, you'll be able to select your account to use financial aid dollars as payment for the rental.

如果你是 PSEO student (still in high school), you should order your books here: PSEO Book Request Form

Online 书店 (eCampus) Customer Service:
Phone:  859-209-6958

Important Dates:

How to Order Books

  1. Locate your class schedule in eServices and print a copy or keep it handy for your reference - you'll need your Course IDs and Section numbers to order books.
  2. 登录到 eCampus (our Online 书店) with your StarID and password
  3. Click Textbooks at the top, then click Order.
    How to Order Textbooks.
  4. Select the year/term you would like to order books for.
  5. Select the course code, course number, and section listed on your class schedule.
  6. Repeat for each class.
  7. Click "Find Materials for __ Courses"
  8. Select the book you would prefer for each class (new, used, ebook, etc.) and then select "Add to Cart."
  9. Note: Some materials are handled through Cengage Unlimited - if this notice displays for any of your classes, the Cengage fee will be added to your student account automatically and it does not need to be added to your cart. The fee is only applied once every 12 months no matter how many materials require it.
  10. Click Proceed to Checkout
  11. Enter your mailing address, mobile number (they notify you when they have shipped) then Continue
  12. Select your shipping method then payment method
  13. Review your order and then process.
  14. A confirmation email will go to your school email.


How to Return Rentals

  1. 登录 Online 书店 with your StarID and password
  2. Click "Manage Rentals/Returns"
  3. Click "Return My Rental for Free"
  4. Follow the instructions provided on the pages that follow

Screenshot showing How to Return Rentals in the Online 书店